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    Empress Technical News March 2012

    Empress in the Cloud

    Using Empress Embedded Database with Cloud Computing


    Empress Embedded Database v10.20 has many features, including replication and encryption that are well suited for usage in Cloud Computing and SaaS applications.

    Cloud Computing is a ground-breaking technology that promises benefits for the companies who deploy it. Rapid scalability on demand, access anywhere, easy upgrading to the next version, low or no system and network administration are among only few of the benefits. Cloud Computing can be deployed as an Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service or Software as a Service model.

    Software applications when used in Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service model are not desktop applications but web applications that they can be used by any web browser. Typical examples are accounting, financial management, inventory, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Most of these Cloud Computing software applications benefit from a database management system as a storage mechanism.

    Using Empress Database in the Cloud
    Empress Database can be used in the cloud in many different ways. A typical example is a web browser accessing a web server in the cloud that uses Empress Database as a storage mechanism via one of the web database technologies such as PHP. 

    Another way of deploying Empress Database is by running Empress Connectivity Server in the cloud. Then the client application can use any of the standard database interfaces (APIs) such as ODBC/JDBC to access Empress Database in the cloud.

    Both the web server and connectivity server are shown in Figure 1 below.

      Figure 1 Empress Cloud Database

                                                                                                Figure 1: Empress Database in the Cloud

    • Empress database may contain terabytes of data. Hence it is a good choice for those applications that deal with large amounts of data.
    • Empress Database is well known for accessing data very fast (doing insertions, updates, deletions and retrievals).
    • Empress has encryption and replication features.
    • Empress Database is very cost effective.

    In the following text we will emphasize encryption and replication as Empress features that can be efficiently used in the cloud.

    Data Protection Risks Empress Encryption is a Solution
    The following are the main benefits of using Empress Encryption in the cloud:

    • Selectively secures database data. Protects selected user data in a database including logs and backup files.
    • Efficient security solution. Low performance overhead on encryption & decryption with minimal database size increases.
    • No need for application code changes. No change is needed to existing cloud web applications compared to an unencrypted Empress database.
    • No external stuff needed for the database. To enable encryption Empress does not require additional stored procedures, triggers, views, etc.

    Empress encryption is painless for users who choose to convert their non-secure cloud database solution to a secure one.

    Empress Replication Cloud Solution
    Empress Replication allows users to hold either the master database, replica database or even both in the cloud.

    Some of the more important benefits of using Empress Replication are:

    • Higher data availability
    • Reducing network traffic by using a local copy of data
    • Off-loading data contention between database applications
    • Distributing system load across multiple locations
    • Easy recovery from system failures
    • Automatically providing data copies through a network

    Empress Replication can be set to replicate only subsets of data.

    If needed. Empress Replication can use a secure communication channel to synchronize data between master and replica databases as shown in Fig. 2.

    Two examples of Empress Replication Cloud deployment are shown in Fig. 2.

    Figure 2 Empress Cloud Database
                                                                            Figure 2: Empress Replication Cloud Deployment

    Instead of Summary
    Empress Embedded Database has many features suited for usage in the cloud.

    • Fast performance
    • Large data set management
    • Encryption
    • Replication
    • Cost effective solution





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