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New Empress SDK for Android Gets SQLite API

SQLite Applications Gain Performance, Reliability and Functionality when Converted to Empress Embedded Database

Beltsville, MD, May 1, 2012 - Empress Software, developers of the robust, agile Empress Embedded Database, announces its latest Empress SDK for the development of advanced database applications running on Android.  As applications for mobile devices get more sophisticated, Empress SDK for Android helps apps keep up with heavier data demands.  The new Empress API for SQLite makes it even easier to convert SQLite databases to faster, more reliable Empress databases.

Empress SDK for Android developers create new database applications or migrate existing database applications to Android quickly.  minimize modification to an existing application, the most efficient API to use is the Empress Android SQLite Compatibility API (sqlite API).  In data intensive applications, converting to an Empress database typically results in a performance boost of several times that of current performance.    Applications may also benefit from the advanced functionality that Empress Embedded Database has to offer, including concurrent access that allows applications to run multiple tasks at the same time.  Empress SDK for Android also supports JDBC, the well known, industry open database access standard API. 

“We see an increasing number of Android applications outgrowing the SQLite database they were originally designed on.  They are hitting the ceiling on functionality and experiencing severe performance degradation as the data set size grows.  Of most critical consideration are reliability issues,” states John Kornatowski, president of Empress Software.  “Converting to an Empress database opens wide the gate to advanced functionality, high performance, and solid reliability.”

For a screenshot, please visit:

About Empress Software Inc.

Empress Software develops and supports the EMPRESS Embedded Database management system worldwide. EMPRESS is a full-featured, high-performance database designed for embedded developers working with Android, Linux, Windows, UNIX and real-time operating systems. EMPRESS has been utilized successfully in diverse embedded fields including data acquisition & instrumentation, networking & telecom, control & automation, automotive, security, and military & defense. For more information, check our web site at or send e-mail to or call Empress at 301-220-1919.

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