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Empress Soars with Hughes

> > Hughes Information Technology Systems(HITS)

The success of a previous project, the Satellite Data Handling System convinced Hughes Information Technology Systems (HITS) of the power and capabilities of the Empress RDBMS. Seeking this same high standard of performance, Hughes once again looked to Empress to be the engine behind their new weather distribution system, SAWDS.

The Satellite and Radar Data Ingest for the Automated Weather Distribution System (SAWDS) obtains, stores and distributes image data from various satellites positioned around the earth. The system delivers images at up to 1km resolution.

Based on both schedules and data arrival events, map projection images of any part of the world are created and sent to 164 Department of Defense sites worldwide.

The capabilities of the Empress RDBMS enables developers to manipulate binary large objects (BLObs) at exceptional speeds, even within demanding technical applications. Each day, up to 15 gigabytes of new image data and radar summaries are mapped into the SAWDS system. In under 10 minutes, data is dispersed from point of retrieval to customer site.

" The Empress RDBMS is the engine that makes our system work."

-Randolph G. Arbeiter
Lead Software Engineer
Hughes Information Technology Systems

SAWDS is just one example of Hughes Information Technology Systems dedication to providing the best products and services to meet their customers' needs. HITS has been producing weather related systems, weather satellite sensors, and weather data/image processing software for over 20 years.


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