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Trifast Systems has created an integrated software solution that is ideal for managing businesses which process and distribute customer orders to large markets. Inventory, distribution and administration needs are all handled by this single system.

The system, named Tribune, consists of a series of components. Each component can act as a stand-alone unit or jointly as one comprehensive management information system.

Tribune utilizes Empress RDBMS and Empress 4GL operating on Hewlett-Packard 9000 series servers. By using a 4GL product, Tribune transports easily to any given application. Applications can be written in 4GL, without having to drop scripts down into various flavors of Unix.

Moreover, Trifast compared Empress's performance against other databases.

" In a fair contest conducted against Oracle and Informix, Empress was easier and quicker to develop applications in. It also out performed both of these once the applications had been written."

-Nigel Dwyer
Sales Manager
Trifast Systems

                                                              Trifasts delivers a unified information system for business data management

Trifast Systems, which is part of the 60+ million Trifast PLC group, has implemented Tribune for Britain's principal manufacturer of high-quality industrial fasteners, T.R. Fastenings. For the company, Trifast provides a unified system which serves 20 factory distribution sites that process 700 to 800 complex orders per day.

Today, TR Fastenings's sites are all linked to an HP mini-computer at their main headquarters. 250 screens are supported via this configuration.

Furthermore, Trifast extends the capabilities of the Tribune suite using Empress Hypermedia, a database-fed Web application development suite. With Empress Hypermedia and Tribune, Trifast created an easily-accessible large " stockmarket" database of fasteners for another division of the TR Fastenings Group, The Fastener Factory. Via the Web, customers can utilize this database to locate information about products held by manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Tribune, utilizing Empress, is a software solution that greatly facilitates mass data management. More importantly, the system delivers where it really counts. It has aided in bringing overall operating costs down and pushing sales figures up.

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