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PCS' Adventures with Empress

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Consumers can now create dynamic, interactive, on-line training applications without having to script any HTML.

PCS Publishing, a division of PCS Education Systems Inc., has released RapidWriterTM a user-friendly Web-based development environment which makes this possible. The product is the outcome of PCS Education Systems' innovations in designing PCS Edventures!TM, its own educational website for children K-12.

After incurring problems in attempting to develop RapidWriter with other leading databases, PCS chose to examine EMPRESS RDBMS. Content with the results from a thorough evaluation of EMPRESS, PCS decided to embed EMPRESS RDBMS into RapidWriter. With EMPRESS, PCS found the flexibility and openness it required in working with its Apache Unix development platform. Programmers at PCS valued the fact that EMPRESS allowed them to prototype and develop the structure quickly.

" It took us only six months to develop an extremely complex application with Empress, at about 75% less than the cost of other leading databases."

-Larry Chariton
VP Technical and Business Development, PCS Publishing

RapidWriter stands out in several respects. First, it turns highly technical HTML programming into a simple, easy to understand clerical function. RapidWriter puts the creation and delivery of Internet material into the hands of those who know it best, its writers. Companies utilize the Empress database and custom-designed templates to facilitate the development of on-line corporate manuals, policy documents, training materials or newsletter publications. These templates make instructional material come to life by employing texts, graphics, audio and video clips. In delivering interfaces to the writers, RapidWriter optimizes Empress' high speed performance capability. Companies do not need to have their own server since RapidWriter resides on the PCS Publishing server.

With its own technological advances and EMPRESS' capability to serve its needs, PCS has developed a tool which assists in the creation of customized, Internet-delivered documentation. Moreover, PCS Education Systems has further established itself as a solid, innovative developer in the Web authoring and publishing arena.


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