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A company's corporate voice and data network is its lifeline. Control over the vast flow of information is crucial to a company's survival in the world of business. The challenge facing telecommunications managers: how to harness the incessant flow of information and produce statistical analysis which facilitates decision making pertaining to the corporate network management and expansion. ComView, a network device developed by CSS Telemanagement, answers the need for real-time, Web-based data and network management.

ComView is an intelligent Web server designed to allow corporations to remotely and centrally manage their communications equipment locally or globally. This stand-alone, multi-user device uniquely integrates Internet and voice network management technology, with the database management technology of the Empress Web Database Toolkit.

" I have worked closely with Empress Technical Services throughout ComView's development to most effectively integrate EMPRESS. I found the team to be very knowledgeable and I am impressed by their responsiveness and dedication to our specific needs."

-Ken Kong
Project Manager

Each ComView unit functions as a special microprocessor based computer used to quickly access real-time data stored in the EMPRESS RDBMS on QNX. The small, compact database engine can be used for the collection of data streams, data analysis in real-time, and for the storage and transmission of data.

For the fastest data processing, ComView stores the entire EMPRESS database engine and all its data entirely in memory.

" Speed and a small footprint are critical to an embedded application. EMPRESS excels on both counts and further excited us with the speed gained by operating totally in memory."

-Thanh Chiem
VP of Business Development

ComView also takes advantage of user defined functions and user defined procedures of EMPRESS that lets developers program the device to automatically deliver data and alarms to the corporate IT center or other user- definable system.

From call accounting, to remote network administration, ComView is a key link that connects communications equipment like phone systems, voice mail, routers and other equipment in remote management applications. Users with administrator defined access and command levels can securely communicate with this equipment via the network or dial-up connection. The end user can view statistics and other data with any Web browser via intranet/Internet connections.

Effective management of corporate networks with ComView reduces telecom costs significantly providing an extra competitive edge. ComView's versatility, short time to user requirements, and performance make it well suited for use in large multi-office corporations, phone companies and equipment manufacturers.


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