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    Craig Mullins Reviews Empress

    Craig Mullins, a respected Senior Database Specialist with over 20 years of related Database experience, has reviewed the EMPRESS Embedded Database and gives it two thumbs up in the embedded space. Empress Software Inc. is pleased to provide the following excerpts that summarize Craig's findings.

    Reliability, Power and Small Footprint
    " The Empress embedded DBMS offers reliability and power within a small footprint as is required for an embedded database. Empress is configurable and the footprint of the database depends on the options you need. Delivering performance and service within a small amount of memory and disk is the hallmark of the Empress DBMS engine."

    " Sometimes technicians unfamiliar with the concept tend to dismiss embeddable solutions as lacking the functionality of a real DBMS, but that is not so with Empress. The Empress DBMS provides the features and functionality that you have come to expect with relational database systems. The full range of data types is available including 3 types of character data, decimal, currency, integer, date, time, and even multimedia data. Indeed, Empress is highly capable of managing the data requirements of demanding applications such as weather forecasting, space exploration, flight simulation and geographical information systems. Empress has also been utilized extensively in more traditional applications such as financial and banking systems, ERP systems, and Point of Sale systems."

    Data Integrity, Range Checks, Triggers
    " Furthermore, Empress provides data integrity features like declarative referential integrity, range check constraints, and triggers that are sometimes lacking in early or other " small" DBMS products."

    Robust SQL
    " Empress supports a robust implementation of SQL, as well. Features like outer join, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT, as well as a nice selection of aggregate and built-in functions make writing SQL in Empress a snap if you are familiar with the SQL implementation of other popular SQL DBMS products."

    Links to the Review
    A PDF version of Craig's review  is here: Mullins Review in PDF Format

    Craig S. Mullins
    Craig S. Mullins is a data management strategist, researcher, and consultant as well as a much published author in the Database field. He is president and principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc. Craig has more than two decades of experience in all facets of database systems development. Craig has developed and taught DB2 and SQL Server classes. Craig has authored more than one hundred database articles in the past several years. For more information, check Craig's web site at or send e-mail to



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