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The Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference
Santa, Clara
January 29, 2009

Please join Empress Software at the Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference on January 29, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California.

Srdjan Holovac, Director of Product Development at Empress Software Inc, will conduct a hard-hitting technical session for embedded application developers. The 45-minute session starts at 1:30PM and everyone is welcome. The title and abstract of the technical session are below.

Title: Embedded Database -Pushing the Application Envelope!

What does the next generation of embedded databases have in store for you? Empress Ultra Embedded offers many application development features such as:

  • A multitude of different APIs
  • Different embedded configuration scenarios
  • Unicode API interface
  • Full application control over writing data to persistent storage
  • In-memory and cross-platform development

Learn how an embedded database can handle any kind of data you can get into the computer. Push your database to the limits on:

  • Record size
  • Number of records in the database table
  • Number of tables you can have in the database
And push your Application envelope to a new level!

Learn how the Empress Text Search Index capability was used to retrieve the whole Wikipedia index data stored on an embedded device. Learn how an efficient and cost-effective embedded database encryption solution can help you achieve security for all your data and provide ease of integration, little maintenance and low overhead.

For a free registration to RTECC please click on the following link