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EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database Ready For VxWorks 6.6 SMP & Multi-core Technology

Beltsville, MD, April 15, 2008 - Empress Software, developer of the EMPRESS Embedded Database, announces the immediate availability of the latest EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database ready for Wind River's VxWorks 6.6 with SMP and Multi-Core capability. Empress has taken its SMP and Multi-core technologies from its Unix, Linux and Cray environments and reengineered it for Wind River's VxWorks 6.6 running on Uni-core, Multi-core and SMP environments. EMPRESS thus forms a highly reliable COTS module that can be added-in and tightly integrated with SMP and Multi-core embedded applications requiring proven reliability, excellent performance, and strong functionality at the database and operating system level.

Both Empress and Wind River place a strong emphasis on adherence to industry standards, rich functionality, and continuous development to stay current with evolving market demands. EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database is a full-featured, small footprint relational database designed for the sophisticated data management needs of modern embedded devices. Empress Ultra Embedded Database is a fundamental building block for providing intelligence to embedded devices, by storing logic for the devices and executing the stored logic to make the devices work as needed. EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database allows developers to efficiently and cost-effectively bring reliable intelligence and organized data storage to their devices, a strong competitive advantage.

"EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database and VxWorks 6.6 are field tested, secure, mission-critical approved COTS modules that will get your development from concept to deployment reliably and effectively," states John Kornatowski, president of Empress Software. "All while reducing your risk and schedules, and increasing your bottom line."

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Empress Software develops and supports the EMPRESS Ultra Embedded Database management system. EMPRESS is a full-featured, high-performance database layer especially designed for embedded developers operating on VxWorks, Linux, UNIX, Windows and real-time operating systems. EMPRESS has been utilized successfully in diverse embedded fields including networking & telecom, control & automation, automotive, security, military & defense, data acquisition & instrumentation. For more information, check our web site at www.empress.com or send e-mail to info@empress.com or call Empress at 301-220-1919.

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