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Ingrian Networks and Empress Software Partner to Secure Data in EMPRESS Embedded Databases

EMPRESS RDBMS leverages flexibility of Ingrian DataSecure Platform to enable enterprise users to encrypt data and comply with legislative mandates.

Beltsville, MD, September 26, 2006 - Empress Software Inc., developer of the EMPRESS Embedded Database, and Ingrian® Networks, Inc., the leading provider of data privacy solutions, today announced the introduction of software that enables organizations to securely and effectively offload all cryptographic functions from EMPRESS databases onto Ingrian's flexible network-based hardware appliances. As a member of Ingrian's ISV Partner Program, KeySecure?, EMPRESS has leveraged this new software to make Ingrian DataSecure Platforms interoperable and fully integrated with EMPRESS RDBMS. As a result, EMPRESS RDBMS users can address one of today's most critical security threats-data left unprotected within applications, databases, and storage systems.

Encryption, the process of disguising data in such a way to hide its substance, is one of the most effective ways of achieving data security. EMPRESS RDBMS and DataSecure Platforms work together to provide a secure data encryption solution for protecting sensitive data throughout the enterprise. Empress encryption is flexible to accommodate for the numerous varying levels of desired encryption granularity. Implementation is painless as there is no need for application code changes and it does not impact already written applications that use the data in an unencrypted Empress database.

DataSecure Platforms help enterprises achieve compliance by giving them comprehensive controls for protecting sensitive data, delivering such capabilities as granular, field-level encryption; centralized, FIPS-compliant key management; integrated authentication and authorization; and robust logging and auditing. This level of encryption support and interoperability are unique benefits of Ingrian's flexible platform as DataSecure offers 'hooks' for software developers to use to integrate their respective products with DataSecure and perform cryptography in hardware - making managing and deploying encryption easier than ever before since all integration work has been completed up front.

"Our customers have been looking for the right encryption solution for the information stored in their databases, and we are thrilled to offer them this tightly integrated, easy-to-use option," said Brydon Rempal, Empress Software's director of business development. "The new software enables our users to increase security without requiring an overhaul of existing data center equipment as DataSecure works with legacy systems and third-party application platforms. This provides an unprecedented level of security that is simple and easy to deploy, and that our customers will certainly adopt."

The new software offers an array of features:

  • Capabilities for encrypting sensitive data in EMPRESS databases at the column level.
  • Centralized key management in a secure network appliance.
  • Comprehensive logging, auditing, and administration capabilities for all cryptographic operations performed in EMPRESS databases.
  • Robust authentication and authorization capabilities to allow only authorized access for decrypting sensitive data.
  • Complete transparency to application infrastructure, minimizing integration time.
  • Tightly coupled integration with EMPRESS user security.

"Enterprises are looking for the easiest, most cost-effective way to safeguard their sensitive data and achieve compliance," said Karim Toubba, Ingrian's vice president of product management and marketing. "With this new software, users of EMPRESS RDBMS will be able to take advantage of Ingrian's market-leading encryption capabilities while continuing to use the databases that they've come to know and trust."

About Empress Software, Inc.

Empress Software develops and supports the EMPRESS embedded real-time data management system. EMPRESS Embedded Database is a full-featured, high-performance database engine especially designed for developers operating on UNIX, Linux, Windows or real-time environments. Empress has been utilized successfully in diverse fields including image & voice management, networking, telecom, military & defense, process control, automotive and data acquisition. For more information, please call 301-220-1919. Check our web site at www.empress.com or send e-mail to info@empress.com.

About the Ingrian ISV Partner Program

The Ingrian KeySecure program for ISV partners is based on the Ingrian CHOICE™ architecture. CHOICE is a flexible, integrated approach allowing end-users to choose the solution they need today and then leverage their investment by adding solutions from ISV partners to further expand their security infrastructure. Ingrian CHOICE allows enterprises to address many of their data privacy related concerns through a combination of technology solutions and best practices. It is an architecture that enables compliance, encrypts data in business processes, and can adapt to the evolving nature of the threats that enterprises must combat on a daily basis. The KeySecure program offers several benefits to ISVs including joint marketing, lead referral support, training and customer support.

About Ingrian Networks

Ingrian Networks brings complete data privacy to the enterprise. With Ingrian DataSecure Platforms, organizations can protect critical data from both internal and external threats, and ensure compliance with legislative and policy mandates for security. DataSecure features a dedicated security appliance and specialized software that enables organizations to encrypt critical data in applications and databases. With its capabilities for granular encryption, seamless integration, and centralized security management, DataSecure enables organizations to guard against a range of security threats, with unparalleled ease and cost effectiveness. Ingrian is a privately held company backed by such investors as Globespan Capital Partners, HighBAR Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Partech International, and Prism Venture Partners. For more information, visit http://www.ingrian.com.

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