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December 15, 2003

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RETALON Embeds EMPRESS RDBMS in Supply Chain Management Solution

Beltsville, MD, December 15, 2003 -Empress Software, developers of EMPRESS, "The Embedded Real-Time Database" and RETALON, "The Solution for Intelligent Retailing", have partnered to include the Empress data management system as a key component in RETALON's next generation forecasting engine for supply chain management solutions. As a key component of RETALON's advanced retail technology, EMPRESS RDBMS operates continuously in maintenance free mode, a critical requirement for high-availability systems.

RETALON specializes in demand forecasting for retail establishments. RETALON's forecast engine, "Foretune" utilizes retail business rules to produce highly accurate forecasts, calculate suggested order quantities, and prognosticate future sales adjusted for seasonality, promotions and other activities. To achieve this, "Foretune" sifts through immense amounts of recorded data and transactions. Speed of data delivery and reliability are crucial as there is no time for a second batch run and retailers need future demand analysis within hours of sales data submission.

"Our selection of EMPRESS was based on a number of factors including its advanced feature set, impressive design wins, and exceptional technical support, " comments Mark Kalp, director of research and development at RETALON. "Best of all, with EMPRESS embedded in our retailing solution, the "Foretune" forecast engine gets the job done faster."

"EMPRESS effortlessly satisfies the stringent requirements of RETALON's software product," states Ivor Ladd, vice president of technology for Empress Software. "Now RETALON's product uses the thoroughly tested EMPRESS ODBC Interface and in the future will use the power of the EMPRESS kernel-level interface."

The RETALON supply chain management solution with EMPRESS embedded is available on all major platforms capable of running UNIX, Linux, or Windows operating systems.


RETALON provides retailers with the Solution for Inventory Management (SIM) suite of products to optimize their business. Designed expressly for the retail industry RETALON forecasting engine Foretune has the capability to deal with nuances of diverse business practices to generate accurate demand forecasts, produce true suggested order quantities, and plan future sales. This comprehensive solution brings about significant cost savings and enhanced competitive information to retail organizations. Product information and customer comments are available at RETALON's web site, http://www.retalon.com/. For more information, please call 905-482-9605 or 1-888-837-0268 anywhere in North America or send e-mail to info@retalon.com.

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