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Empress Embedded Database at

Embedded Technology 2014

November 19 - 21, 2014

Pacifico Yokohama

Empress Software is being showcased at the Embedded Technology Conference and Exhibition at the Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan on November 19-21, 2014. With over 24,000 people in attendance, ET is one of the largest trade show and conferences around the world for embedded system designers and managers.

Embedded Technology (ET) highlights the latest embedded technologies and solutions which are essential to cutting-edge technologies including digital home electrical appliances, mobile terminals, car electronics, robots, and industrial machinery. These embedded system technologies are widely used in various fields of manufacturing both for consumers and in industrial use. Technologies which contribute to every industry's cutting-edge devices, such as information appliances, car electronics, control equipments, and robots.  Organized by the Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association, software solutions at Embedded Technology will include Empress Embedded Database, RTOS, Device Drivers, Firmware/Middleware, and Security Technologies.

Embedded Technology (ET)